Title Loans Without Title

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While car title loans don’t have many requirements, one of the standard parts of getting a title loan is giving your car’s title to the lender. After you do that, the lender gives you the full loan. Then, they return that title to you after the loan’s fully paid back.

But what if you’ve searched everywhere and gotten that sinking feeling that comes from losing your car title? If you need money immediately, it’s natural to wonder whether title loans without title are an option. Here’s what you need to know if you find yourself in this situation.

Can You Get a Title Loan When You Don’t Have Your Car Title?

This question has a short, simple answer – no. Title loans without title is something that just about never happens, short of finding the most flexible title loan company on the planet. Along with your ID and your car, your car title is one of the few things you need to have if you want to get a title loan.

There are several important reasons why lenders need you to have your car title to get a loan, and not just because the loan is literally called a car title loan. Here are the most significant reasons why no one can get title loans without title:

  • The title helps verify that you’re the owner of the car
  • The lender can check on the title if there are any other lienholders on the car
  • The title is a form of collateral for the lender, and without it, they would be taking a big risk

How Can You Replace Your Car Title?

Whether it’s title loans or auto equity title loans in Jacksonville, any loan based on your car’s worth will require you to have the title. This means that if you currently don’t have the title, you’ll need to go through the process of obtaining a duplicate.

Fortunately for you and anyone else who finds themselves in this situation, it’s not too difficult a process. In Florida, it’s Form 82101 that you need to complete to request a duplicate title. This is how the process will work if you choose to mail in this form:

  1. Print the form and fill it out completely. Make sure to double-check everything so that you don’t need to wait longer because of a mistake.
  2. Enclose the form in an envelope along with a copy of your proof of identity (a driver’s license works fine for this) and the duplicate title fee. If you no longer live at the address the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) has for you, then you’ll also need to provide proof that you live at your new address, such as a utility bill.
  3. Mail the envelope to a service center near you that handles services related to motor vehicles.

The service center will process the form and get your duplicate title mailed to you. It will go to the address the DHSMV has on file for you, unless you also submit a document proving you now live at a different address. With some service centers, there’s a faster service option available if you pay a bit extra.

Remember that this is only one way to get a duplicate title. Another option would be to choose a local service center and go there yourself. You would need to fill out the same form, which means you’d be better off printing it out and completing it before you get there to save time. Making an appointment is also a good idea.

Once you’ve gotten your duplicate title, you can take it to the title loan company and use it to get your title loan. Note that if you later find the lost car title, it won’t be valid anymore since you got a duplicate made, meaning you can dispose of it.

Should you have a vehicle from another state, it’s a similar process to get a duplicate title for it.

Making Sure You Have Your Car Title

Your car title is an important document that you should take care of. If it does end up lost or stolen, get another as soon as you can. Since you can’t get title loans without title, you’ll want the car title should you ever need a fast funding solution or if you decide to sell the car at some point.