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Making Auto Title Loans In St. Augustine, FL Simple

Studies have shown that so many Americans depend on their paychecks with little left over for anything else, and those are not just people living below the poverty line; even pretty well to do families could find themselves in a situation where they might need $1,000 to magically appear. There is no substitute for a good budgeting and savings plan if you can build one, but what if you’ve not had enough money coming in to set aside for that or you’ve tried cutting your expenses back as far as you can? If you’re still struggling to make bill payments, it’s probably time to consider auto title loans in St. Augustine FL to meet your needs.

Auto Title Loans In St. Augustine FL Allow You Freedom Of Use

When you get approved and receive your funds for one of our auto title loans in St. Augustine FL, the money is deposited right in your bank account or paid in cash and you can use it however you wish. In fact, when you apply for an auto title loan we don’t even ask what you intend to use it for unlike most banks and credit unions do. The reasons we don’t are because first, auto title loans are secured loans both by your vehicle’s value and your income so there aren’t questions about how we’ll be repaid. And second, we respect borrower privacy and don’t feel it’s necessary to inquire what they’re going to do with the money as long as they understand when they must repay it.

Auto Title Loans In St. Augustine FL Allow For Flexible Repayment Options

Auto title loans in Florida last for at minimum 30 days, after which they are usually expected to be repaid in full. But there is usually flexibility given by the title loan agency if you need a little more time to finish paying you can get an extension. You may also be able to get a refinance option if you’ve found yourself having difficulty with another auto title loan company and find our title loan options better suited for you.

Clearing Your Title To Get Auto Title Loans

In order to qualify for our auto title loans in St. Augustine FL, the most important step is making sure your title is clear. That means you need to have complete ownership of your vehicle and not owe any liens to a bank, dealership, government agency or any other party.

In fact, you may even need to visit any lienholders you have to settle any payments and have any and all liens released because title loan lenders cannot hold a title that someone else has claim to. If you have paid off all financial obligations on your vehicle, you should take your title indicating liens have been released to the DMV and make sure they’ve mailed you a brand new clear title.

The Application Is Very Simple

One of the easiest things about getting an auto title loan is the application itself. There’s very little questions about your personal finances and you basically need just three documents though we will notify you if we need others. Those documents are the following:

  • A government-issued photo ID that must show you’re at least 18 and a legal Florida resident
  • A document proving your monthly income amount
  • Your vehicle title

What you’ll need to do first is give us your vehicle information in the online application and confirm you have the needed documents. Then at your earliest convenience, come to our title loans in Jacksonville store so we can inspect your vehicle, go over the terms and agreements and have you sign the final documents. Once that’s complete, you’ll usually get your title loan funds within 24 hours.