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How Title Loans In Palm Coast, Florida Can Help You If You Can’t Get A Credit Card

Probably the most conventional way to make an unexpected payment is to use a credit card because most people will qualify for them and they can be useful when your bank account simply doesn’t have enough funds to cover the payment.

But unfortunately not everyone qualifies for a credit card either because they’ve defaulted and incurred penalties on late debt, or their current income doesn’t meet the requirements of the credit card issuer. But if that’s your situation, don’t worry because credit cards are not the only way to borrow money quickly. You can also apply for vehicle Title Loans in Palm Coast, Florida if you live there or in the greater Jacksonville area.

The Advantages Car Title Loans In Palm Coast Have Over Credit Cards

All credit cards are different with some that do instant checks on your finances and decide to approve you right away, while others may take a bit longer before making a decision.

Also, in order to get most credit cards, you have to be screened for your credit score or things that show up in your credit report. But with car title loans in Palm Coast, you don’t have to worry about these things because you have these benefits:

  • Always fast approval time
  • No credit check or reporting to credit bureaus
  • No waiting for days to get your title loan funds in the mail; you can get them within 24 hours or even the same day

What You Have To Do Before You Can Get Approved For Car Title Loans In Palm Coast

The first thing that’s a must in order to get a car title loan in Florida is you have to own your vehicle completely. That generally means you cannot still be be making payments on it to your dealership or have any court order that places a lien on it as the result of a lawsuit or other financial obligation. In select cases, we may be able to make the final payment on your car to release the original title lien and then put our title loan lien on it. Having a clear title is important because this is what’s used to secure a Jacksonville title loan, and since we only need the title while you’re using your title loan, you can keep driving the vehicle.

The second thing you’ll need for title loans in Palm Coast is a consistent source of income. We can be fairly flexible to everyone’s income situation and the income doesn’t just have to be regular employment income. It could be from unemployment compensation, disability, social security, alimony or self-employment payments. But keep in mind your monthly income will affect the maximum amount you can borrow in your car title loan.

Online Application And In-Person Paperwork For Title Loans

The great thing about our car title loans in Palm Coast, FL is that we have an easy-to-follow application process online that can take care of most of important fields. You fill in basic vehicle information, contact information and we’ll call you about visiting our Palm Coast store. But during this process, you’ll need the following to prove you’re over 18 and qualify for a title loan:

  1. Government-issued photo ID with your name, Address and proof of Florida residency
  2. The official vehicle title
  3. A document like a paycheck stub or bank statement that shows your monthly income

Your vehicle needs to be inspected when you arrive just to make sure it’s running smoothly. You’ll be taking care of all the ID forms, reviewing your title loan terms, going over the lien and as soon as that’s over you should be all set.