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A Way Out With Title Loans in Orange Park, FL

Every now and then, adulthood finds a way to kick you in the shins and bring you down a notch on the financial front. In times like these, most people would look to friends and family, but where do you turn when that isn’t an option? Fortunately, title loans Jacksonville and Orange Park are here to turn the tides and bring you back on your feet once more.

Title loans differ from their payday, cash advance and signature-based brethren in the following ways:

  • No credit checks
  • Loan depositing within an hour or less
  • Loan sums of up to five figures
  • Easygoing payment installations
  • Refinancing and buyout services
  • Loan interest not exceeding 30% on loans of $2,000 or less

The only requirement to getting started with an auto loan is to offer up the title to any land- or water-based vehicle that’s legally registered in your name. The title will be used as collateral for your loan money, and we simply hold it until you’re all paid off. While it’s possible to use a title that has liens on it, we recommend that you use a clear title to prevent penalties to your loan value.

Applying Online for Title Loans in Orange Park FL

Our online application process for title loans in Orange Park FL is different from other loan types because of the nature of title-based lending. Since we don’t require anything other than your vehicle title as collateral for the loan, most of the process is focused on the evaluation and acquisition of the title itself. This means that getting your foot in the door online is super quick, requiring only the following information:

  • Your name
  • A phone number that we can reach in about 15 minutes
  • An email address for record-keeping
  • The basics about your vehicle’s condition: make, model, style and mileage

That’s all we need! After you’ve sent it all in, we’ll give it a once-over and reach you back at the provided phone number to discuss your situation and work out a solution for you. It’s important to work closely with the loan specialist, as this will allow them to create title loans in Orange Park FL that suit your specific requirements. You’ll also be required to furnish proof of income, as this is a necessary legal step in ensuring that you can repay the loan on time.

Legal Protection

Florida law goes lengths to protect its citizens from predatory lending practices. There are a bevy of laws that you should know about when moving forward with title loans in Orange Park FL, and we’re here to tell you about them for your peace of mind. Consider the following:

1. Usury
Although the law varies by state, Florida doesn’t allow title-based lenders to assess interest rates in excess of 30% for the first $2,000 of loan principle, and this figure drops to 18% for loans of $3,000 and higher.

2. Licensing
All loan specialists are licensed and bound to handle your sensitive information with full confidentiality and competence. This is a legal requirement, and not just anybody can create loans for the public.

3. Repossession
Unless you’re more than 30 days behind on your title loan payments, we can’t touch your vehicle. We recommend that you refinance if you’re going to be late, however.

No Better Option

Title loans in Orange Park FL offer a plethora of upsides that cash advance and payday loan services fall short on. While it’s hard to say that auto loans will always be your best option, they’re certainly the most balanced and efficient loan type for anybody who needs affordable loans quick. Above all, forget the credit checks — a title is all you need!